Captain Marvel ★★★★½

"I Have Nothing To Prove to You"

In the past few years, Marvel has really taken a new approach to making films and Captain Marvel is no different.

They're expanding to extremely human stories from perspectives other than straight white men, and incorporating more fun into the films than ever without losing the intrigue and drama. The soundtrack was perfect and pulled the film into the 90's feel that they were trying (maybe a little hard at times) to cultivate, and it was really hard to dislike a film that embraces the goofiness of fighting crime on a spaceship with a cat and a Happy Days lunchbox.

There were still things to improve and I continue to hold the notion that Marvel don't know how to balance comedy and tragedy, but this film was exciting, enjoyable, genuine, and strong, and that's all I really expect from these films. I'm very excited to see where this all goes in the future.

Also you can’t convince me that Carol Danvers is not a lesbian. Putting Bikini Kill in the soundtrack and making her wear a flannel around her waist just makes me so happy.

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