Gayniggers from Outer Space

Gayniggers from Outer Space ★★½

This is a movie.
This is a movie I've watched.

Yep. That about covers it. Don't think there's anything else I could (Or should) say.

Okay, fine. I guess I'll say a little more about it.

Directed by Morten Lindberg (A genuinely interesting and charitable Danish performance artist who passed away in 2019), the film is a short 26 minute sci-fi parody concerning a group of intergalactic space travellers (Who happen to all be black and gay, if the title didn't make it obvious enough.) from the planet Anus.
(Still with me? Good.)
These brave explorers discover the presence of female life on Earth, and thus decide to wipe all trace of female life from the planet in the hopes of teaching the men about a new way of life.

What do I think about the film? Seriously?

Well, despite a few genuinely outrageous lines (I'm sorry, but the gravel voiced narrators pronunciation of "Planet Anus" killed me on the spot) and the introduction of color into the film as the female presence is eradicated from Earth, I was honestly stumped with this cinematic shitpost. Granted, with a title like, well... that, and the names of each of the travelers alone being outlandishly in your face, it's clear that shock humor is the name of the game here, but as for purpose besides that? I...don't think there is one. It's really just a 25 minute long shitpost, and like most shitposts, it's either going to amuse, bemuse, or infuriate you

Whether you find humor here or not will be entirely down to your own taste I suppose, and although I laughed hard a few times, I understand if the reaction from a viewer is one of shock or annoyance towards the whole work especially with that title. This certainly isn't a hidden gem, that's for sure.

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