Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

Watch this with your friends and the fucking room/call will become Evil Dead II

by the way that's a better movie^

this is fucking awwwwwful, I really like you Zack and I love your Justice League but this was nottttttt gooooooooooood.
Movie looks like shit, sounds like shit, the acting is shit, Dave Bautista makes some funny faces, uhhhh there aren't any cool setpieces, the tiger is only there for a really unsettling and fetishized death scene, the use of focus is like those fucking drunk goggles they give you as a kid to teach you not to drink while driving, Dave, the zombie shit wasn't cool and was only really in the second half of the movie, opening credits were bad, Dave, the font was terrible, the score was bad, Chunkie Extra Large really is one-note because outside of Fury Road, Justice League and using unused tracks from Justice League for Godzilla vs. Kong he has not made a memorable or good score, Dave, the humor was bad, Dave, the dialogue was bad, Dave, the twist was bad, Dave, the ending was illogical and stupid, Dave, idk this movie is hilariosus, Dave.

Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Bautitsass Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave he only stars in GOOD movies Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave DඞVE Dave Basusta Dave Dave Dave Davey Dave don't question my review Dave I love you Dave I'm losing my fucking sanityyyyyyyyyyy

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