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  • Her



    So here's why everybody is wrong and Her is a mediocre film.

    I think there are two main problems with Her: 1. It's barely a science fiction film at all, 2. it's a mediocre love story at best.

    Let's get the good stuff out of the way first. Joaquin Phoenix was great. It's a very well realized world in terms of design, it looks like a "real" place, something that could easily be in our future. The cinematography was good…

  • The Parallel Street

    The Parallel Street


    An experimental film in which 5 men participate in some sort of Kafkaesque game (whose rules and goals are at best unclear), supervised by a proctor/assistant type. They view a number of "documents" produced by or related to an unidentified person, some of which are short films, and have to categorize or classify them. While the film is shot in black and white, the documents are in color. The men discuss and comment on the documents, trying to find the…