[REC]⁴ Apocalypse ★★

If this movie wasn't part of the [REC] saga, it would be an average survival and I would be okay with it. But it's not, it's supposed to be the exact sequel of [REC] 2 and it was a huge disappointment.
Angela Vidal returns and her character is not even exploited, actually the whole movie lacks of development. It's a shame, after all we were expecting something huge after the cliffhanger of [REC] 2.
The shaky camera is annoying as hell, and it's not a found footage anymore.
[REC] 4: Apocalypse is a movie I don't understand. There was so much to explore and to use to scare the audience with something truly smart but they chose the other way. And it's even more infuriating with the very last shot of the movie promising a new sequel.