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  • Taekwondo



    Glancing, winking, touching, touching and then talking, a lot. The birth of desire, there before our eyes, is what the directors of Taekwondo proposes to us. Rarely has a film given me this feeling of sexual tension between several men. Without ever being believed, the bodies are filmed, framed like a pure temptation. It is often beautiful, sometimes a little long but never boring. And the end is particularly successful.

  • Aquaman



    Wow, can't believe I only gave two stars when I first see this movie. Second viewing was one hell of a ride. And a fun ride I mean! James Wan was truly inspired by the world of the Aquaman. And Jason Momoa seems to have the time of his life. It's definitely on my top 3 of the DCU.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man

    The Amazing Spider-Man


    A pretty good reboot with very honest plans. The only real issue with this movie is that the plot is too introducing and at the end we definitely want to see more.
    Overall, great acting, I think Andrew Garfield plays a different but very moving Peter Parker. Emma Stone is really sweet as Gwen Stacy.
    All the action is very well packed even though I wish the lizard would have been a bit more threatening.
    Some very good points for this movie, I cannot wait for part two!