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  • The Holdovers

    The Holdovers


    Comedy | 2023

    ”Christ on a crutch. What kind of fascist hash foundry are you running here?”

    The Holdovers, to me, feels like going backwards in time, or like going home. I saw Sideways a lifetime ago and the connection of the films is obvious. They both take a light touch to something very personal and meaningful. There was so much great comedy in Sideways, as there was here, and neither film forces you to feel. They present something that…

  • Son



    🩸 Horror 🏷️ Review 💎 Gem #28 (2021)

    "Mom, I was dreaming, I was flying and I was looking down at everyone, And I could see you and my school and everything. It was so cool. Then I raised my hands like this, and the world cracked in half."

    Next, apparently, on the list of movies I forgot were extremely good: Son. This is so creepy and enjoyable. Next time you feel like watching The Omen, watch this instead.