Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

can a moment of stillness ever happen when the human condition is to constantly march towards its imminent demise? and worst yet, all the political, economical and environmental catastrophes that are to follow?

i don't think it's fair to compare life events to lifetime events but most of the times these events are intertwined. often we are unaware of these lifetime events, they run in the background while we go on about our own lives, sometimes we pass away unaware they were even a thing.

sometimes we have to go through an experience that will forever change how we previously lived, or even how we perceive life in general. we might want to go back to our previous life (which is completely normal considering how much media depends on nostalgia to be relevant to people's lives), but we know it's impossible. people change, we change.

'sound of metal' is aware of how change is a one-way ticket, it's aware of memory as a tool of comfort but also grief. understanding your place in the world is the only way one can truly be still and observe.