Berto Merino Tollinchi

Berto Merino Tollinchi

Films have raised me. They've always shared custody with my parents.
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  • Saraband



    A fitting last film to an already stellar career. Going back to two characters years after the mini series, and then moving to their legacy keeps the film entertaining and interesting.

  • After the Rehearsal

    After the Rehearsal


    I think it's just because I've been watching Bergman films all months so I know the patterns... But I found this one to be extremely predictable. Bergman has done this plot, and a lot better before.

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  • Autumn Sonata

    Autumn Sonata


    A powerful story about motherhood and in some ways, the lack of it. Bergman just knows how to make films that break people in two and this is another one that got me good. His use of music here is great.

  • Possessor



    This one blew me away! The visuals were haunting, the editing was seamless, the use of the camera angles, specifically the Dutch really captured moments perfectly, the acting was superb, and the directing by Cronenbergs son did not dissapoint!
    The film does not shy away from the use of violence whatsoever, and though I think there's a point to this violence this one is definitely not for the sqeuamish. It's use of the small amount of body horror it uses is also very effective.

    A philosophical, cerebral and disturbing concept expertly executed. Couldn't ask for more.