Serpico ★★★★

Film School Drop Outs (2019)
Week 31: Genre – Thriller – 70s Conspiracy Thrillers

Sidney Lumet has once again shown me how awesome he was, and I seriously can’t wait to watch his entire filmography
Now, about these ‘70s conspiracy thrillers... I thought I had already watched a lot of the examples in this list but, apparently, I was really wrong; in my defence, though, I have to admit that the majority of ‘em have been in my watchlist for years and years :))))) if only I had more time :)))))

I also intend not to dwell on Pacino’s beard, luscious long hair, earring and beanie... or, at least, not too much

(Al, imma build a frickin’ time machine and make you forget all about Diane Keaton!!)

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