Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★½

Jake held a door open for me one time. I wasn't actually leaving but I panicked, did a weird turn, and tentatively walked outside. I said "thank you sir" as I walked back in. I never forgot his face. He gave Peter the same look and I couldn't deal. I'll review this when I recover from retroactive embarrassment.

edit: Finally watched it again. Enjoyable enough (because I like looking at Tom), but the whole film lacked angst. Random thoughts below.


I liked the chemistry between Peter and MJ even though it wasn't developed well. "Plan: black dahlia, eiffel tower, i like you." Huh?

The comedy: meh. It is what it is. Ned, though, is a delight.

Jake was good, but that toast after the reveal felt like a list he had to get through. The writers could've handled that moment better.

Cool tech. A critique of Iron Man's flaws. It felt a little bit like Syndrome in the end.

The first illusion fight was great. The last one felt like too much CGI. It made me think of an inferior Spider-verse.

I know it's hard to follow both Homecoming and Endgame, blip and all. I'll let most of these points slide for now. Anyway, Jake was a pleasure to watch.

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