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  • The Wasp Woman

    The Wasp Woman

    This is a really disappointing film from the Roger Corman oeuvre. The special effects are dismal- the “wasp woman” is just some chick in a mask. She does not even have a stinger! The film is formulaic and by-the-numbers- nothing stands out. The movie misses some valuable opportunities to mock corporate capitalism (this film would be mostly redeemed if the titular character went nuts in the board room and stung to death the executives of the company). Altogether, not a very worthwhile film to watch.

  • The Hurt Locker

    The Hurt Locker


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    What immediately stands out about The Hurt Locker is the spectacular camera work. The adept cinematography manages to make each combat situation feel completely different: a battle in close quarters, a tense foot patrol down an alley, a sweep of a derelict building, a long-range shoot-out between snipers, all have a unique feel reflected in the montage. But it is in the urban bomb-defusing scenes where Kathryn Bigelow’s camera really shines. In these scenes the cuts quicken…

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  • War Machine

    War Machine


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    War Machine is a solid, if not great movie. I enjoyed it, and actually got a few laughs out of it. As someone who is often a little grumpy, a few genuine laughs out of me is a significant achievement. But other movies have captured the insanity and absurdity of war much more effectively. War Machine will likely not be remembered years from now.

    The movie is uneven; the middle part of the movie detailing “McMahon’s” trip to…

  • M



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    M is a magisterial piece of cinema. Most movies about serial killers engender a sort of respect and even empathy for the murderer. During the course of the cat and mouse game between the detectives and criminal the mouse tends to become humanized, even as we know they deserve their downfall. What is striking is that M denies this empathy. For nearly all of the film M refuses to humanize the serial killer. The only moment of empathy occurs at…