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  • Viridiana



    I have mixed feelings about the thing as a whole, but the Last Supper scene is brilliant. Funny, my parents also gave me a camera! And now I know how to use it.

  • A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day


    Humor as armor, so that the darkness of war, and the violent ironies arising out of the military & bureaucratic structures trying to contain the conflict, do not swallow everyone involved entirely. This film struck me as solidly in the spirit of the novel Catch-22.

    It's set in mid-1990s Bosnia-Herzegovina, during the conflict that followed the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, during the end of the period when UN peacekeeping troops and affiliated aid organizations were deployed there.

  • The Big Chill

    The Big Chill


    Successful early-‘80s-era Baby Boomers flightily ponder their individual transitions from fashionable anti-establishment to attractive establishment positions while attending the funeral of a college friend dead by suicide. During the weekend-long wake, fuelled by sexual tension, drugs, alcohol, and conversation (and some obligatory jogging), the heart of the matter is developed a little, but very quietly, through the characters of the nearly-silent younger girlfriend of the deceased and the unsuccessful college friend marked by his service in the Vietnam war. The…

  • Trophy Wife

    Trophy Wife


    Sometimes silly, and ridiculous at the end, but still charming as a whole.