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  • Top Five

    Top Five


    I think this was a really novel effort (except for maybe Tropic Thunder, which kind of has the same quasi-meta about celebrity culture and by Chris Rock to put out a comedy that sheds light on the downsides of fame and success, and dealing with comedy when all of life is not that funny.

    I'm not a huge fan of comedies usually, but this one has some really funny parts, but I felt the story could of use some help,…

  • Shallow Grave

    Shallow Grave


    A trio of Scottish yuppies who each hold small negative qualities that play out through various points of the film, and ultimately helps lead to the downfall of each . Juliet is a tease, Daniel is a obsessive, workaholic accountant and Alex is an obnoxious loud mouth. Their initial smugness about ye accomplishments of their crime is soon replaced by paranoia and distrust. They all have play with each other, each carelessly believing they are smarter than the other, and this dynamic certainly makes for an interesting ending that left me satisfied.

Popular reviews

  • Vacation!



    Some parts of this movie were fun in their weirdness, but the weirdness at other points in the movie were just too ridiculous for me and it felt like it was trying too hard to impress. I always appreciate different uses of mediums in film making, so the different digital uses were fun. The ending kind of felt like a winding down rather than picking up, and the dull pace left me a little unsatisfied in what was setting up to be an interesting mystery.

  • A Tale of Two Sisters

    A Tale of Two Sisters


    This film is challenging, with what appears to be reality in flux and the identity of the spooky spirit of the house being questionable. I've been wrapping my brain around this film for the last day, and my thoughts are a little disjointed so I'll just end with the fact that I really enjoyed this movie and thinks its a gripping psychological horror that show the importance of family and the devastating consequences of when that is broken up in a unclean fashion.