Assassin's Creed ★★½

I’m having trouble passing objective judgment since I played two games from the franchise that is based on, how well this movie works for someone who has no knowledge of the games. It definitely feels lacking in clarity and proper scope. On the other hand, the story in the games themselves jumps in and out of the animus storyline, leaving you feeling confused and bewildered. On that note, the movie does a good job. 
I like the acting and the parkour-style choreography which extended to fighting as well. The atmosphere is great throughout. Cinematography and direction match the style established in the games perfectly. 
All that said I was left feeling a bit hungry for more depth and background detail of the main characters. Without the experience and knowledge of the games, I don’t think I could enjoy this one on more than surface visual level and amazingly skillful parkour artistry on display.