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  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

    Kingsman: The Secret Service


    I liked the part where the heads exploded because that's what my head felt like doing while watching this mess.

  • mother!



    The artistic/creative process as Judeo-Christian creation myth as domestic drama as batshit insane psychological thriller. Remember that stupendous sequence in NOAH where the fall of man is depicted? Did you wish, much like I did, that the whole movie was like that? Well, here it is, baby. The last 45 minutes are some of the boldest, most insane minutes I've seen in a studio film. It's brash and loud and even borderline ridiculous at times, but it works because it is so unabashed. Yeah, I get it, Aronofsky is screaming in our faces with a megaphone, but oh what a joyful noise.

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  • High and Low

    High and Low


    Stunning. This might be a 10 on another viewing just because it is so knotty and there’s no way I caught everything that is wonderful about this film. But I caught a lot. Best blocking of any film ever? Probably. Best sunglasses? Definitely. This is a goddam motion picture, folks. And please, my God, anyone who is planning to make a movie that makes use of space (every movie ever), please study how this film makes sure that we know exactly where everyone is in relation to everyone else at all times. Study that tailing scene in the streets! Study it!

  • The Book of Henry

    The Book of Henry


    Caught this on opening night in noted film capital New York City and my friend and I were the only people in the theater. That was the best part. This movie is just an awful mess, tonally all over the place, insanely misguided at best, offensively manipulative at worst. It doesn't even TRY to have a point. I have no idea how anyone could pick up this script and be like, "yes, I want to make this. This speaks to…