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  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums


    I've never cried because of a movie until tonight, which is especially odd because I've seen The Royal Tenenbaums about a half-dozen times.

    It started with Richie's suicide, of course, then happened again when Raleigh confronted Margot in the hospital. I almost cried when Eli says in the embassy garden, "I need help." Another near miss came when, looking feeble and knowing he's going to die, Royal looks up at Chas in the ambulance.

    There are terribly few fictional movies you could convince me are real, but The Royal Tenenbaums would headline the list.

  • Deadfall



    How did I not know about this?

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  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    WHY ISN'T NETFLIX DISTRIBUTING MORE STUFF LIKE THIS? (Side note: why do I only review Netflix movies?)

    "The Babysitter" is by no means a perfect horror-comedy, okay? The main character, Cole (Judah Lewis), can't really act; a few plot turns just don't make sense (seriously, more than an hour of this movie shouldn't have happened); the dialogue only works about half the time. But in a recent review of "Game Over, Man!" I made the point that Netflix needs to…

  • The Beach Bum

    The Beach Bum


    I don't like when people say that experiential movies like this are too long because the length is usually part and parcel of the point, but, well, The Beach Bum is a little too long. Luckily, McConaughey is truly delightful, as are Isla Fisher, Snoop Dogg, Martin Lawrence, and Zac Efron. This is the best use of orange and blue tones I've seen in a long time; the backgrounds don't just pop, they made me wanna get up out of…