Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★½

I can't express in letters how I feel right now.

This movie is one of the best thing ever made. It is definitely essential and influential musical romance comedy of all time. Here is why does this film still is enjoyable after 60 years.

The acting and directing by Gene Kelly is on another level. Gene Kelly delivered the one of the happiest and enjoyable acting of all time. Then Cosmos OMG this guy should have won the supporting actor in the academy. Donald O'Connor is genius no offense.

Then the score also satisfy the viewer by having the tap dance rhythm going on and with the one of the most iconic songs in cinema history. It is beautifully sang by the actors.

The cinematography in this film was surprisingly phenomenal. The uses of color always made me happy. The broadway scene must be one of the greatest uses of color and lights. Another scene I also loved was Make'em Laugh scene. Seriously this men deserved an oscar for this.

Now the screenplay in here is just everything about the cinema. This movie tells a glorious tails which is held on transition to talking movies which is very important and groundbreaking news to many people back in 20s. So this movie tells that evolutionary moment of the cinema in delightful ways. It is very creative first of all and then second of all it is very very FUNNY like a comedy I mean I saw it on the genres page but I didn't expected me to really LAUGH OUT LOUD during watching this movie. Hell I didn't burst out laughing a single time during watching Chaplin movies(still amazing tho don't get me wrong) That's how well written this film is.

There are many words that define this movie but I personally think every single synonym of the word "Happy" and "Important" define this masterpiece. Had a big fat smile on my face in whole 100 mins.
If you haven't watched this movie you better. AND I MEAN IT. I feel sorry for my self to watch this film this late when I had so many chances. Anyways this movie is now on my top 5 favorites.

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