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  • Vive L'Amour
  • Happy Together
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Green Snake

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  • Green Snake

    Green Snake


    "let yourself fall into the mist.
    let all your passion out
    in this neverending spring rain"

    a magical journey of spellbinding and sprawling colour; an enchanting atmosphere created by stunning set design with an ethereal score; displays of transfixing kineticism seamlessly floating in appearance and deeply impactful in feeling; powers and transformation through incredibly expressive special effects.

    a quest for a place in the world, acceptance in assimilation and struggle for liberation; existence & identity misunderstood and vilified; the novelty ofโ€ฆ

  • Love in the Time of Twilight

    Love in the Time of Twilight


    "love takes time, just like cooking vegetables."

    what starts out as a story of people trying to find their one true love with a comedic angle turns into a fantastical journey of unexpected proportions: a torrent of the surreal, bizarre and supernatural; an eclectic web of influences and tropes woven together in an intricate, unapologetically sincere and heartfelt fashion. wholly fascinating, incredibly fun, sweet, engrossing - unparalleled.

    // and this is where i wanna stop already. i almost feel likeโ€ฆ

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  • Throw Down

    Throw Down


    Unexpectedly warm and optimistic; fantastically lit journeys through gambling tables, arcades and bar fights with surprising turns; seeking redemption and chasing dreams; bonding through martial arts; friendship beating down hardship; the importance of helping each other get back up again, no matter how many times life throws you down. No one has to go through life alone, so team up and punch back together!

  • Resurrection of the Little Match Girl

    Resurrection of the Little Match Girl


    A phenomenally creative blend of y2k video game imagery meets Matrix-flavoured fairytale in a blur of fiction vs. reality set in Korean neon-lit cities. From slow-mo action dodging bullets to motorcycle badass Lala - a Trinity nod played by a trans woman! - taking out bad guys with style; helicopters wallglitching and cyber teenage rebellion. At its heart an unwavering fighting spirit; an unwillingness to surrender to the System. Game over is not an option.

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  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World

    "How come we never talk about women's pleasure or problems? If men had periods we'd hear about them all the time"

    This sentence uttered early into its runtime followed up with a conversation about "mansplaining and womensplaining" should've alarmed me to the cis-centered, liberal feminist and uninformedly pandering bent of this film's politics. And of course, they don't remain the only instances as the film is ripe with shoe-horned references to the #MeToo movement to convey its faux-progressive, hollow 'girlbossiness'.โ€ฆ

  • RRR


    No worries, this isn't another review talking about how visually engaging and spectacular RRR is, because 1) there are countless reviews praising this film that way and 2) I'm more interested in what the film does as a whole. What do its visuals emphasize? What does it want to tell the viewer? After all, the film's title is RRR (Rise Roar Revolt) - so what's up with its politics? How are its characters written? How does it treat characters? Whatโ€ฆ