Mur Murs

Mur Murs ★★★★

"Whether collective daydreams or personal visions, the walls tell of a city and its people."

A colourful and buoyant documentary where we are are given the rare opportunity to get an in-depth look into the city of LA in the 80s as it comes to life through a vast collection of stories told to us by its marginalized people and communities. It presents us the opportunity to listen to them talk about their life, history, culture and what they have created - be it by reflecting on the murals and telling us what they mean to them, how and why they got created and their significance. And this is exactly how this documentary manages to be so enchanting, illuminating and true to life - it puts the ordinary people into the spotlight and lets them breathe life into the city as tell they tell us their own ideas, thoughts and stories, represent their communities and culture and shape our idea of LA into what it really is. Once you peel back the veneer of glitz and glamour and sterile, ever-erasing corporate interests, you get a raw and honest portrayal of all the different people, communities and cultures and offers them an environment where they are the focus and in control of what they want to tell us. An inspiring and breathtaking picture designed with people in mind and at the forefront. Another wonderful entry in Varda's documentary filmmaking.

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