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  • Don 2

    Don 2


    “Ooh, kinky.” 

    Very different style, much more streamlined than the first film, which makes sense since it would be nearly impossible to replicate what made the first film a success. The action scenes are much better choreographed and edited in the sequel, which is a good thing since this is purely an action film. It’s a straightforward Mission: Impossible flick, and quite a decent one at that. Too bad we didn’t get anything extra though. Only one musical number besides the end credit sequence. I was happy they carried over Don’s love for Tom and Jerry cartoons, however.

  • Twins



    Sure, he pared down his kit significantly but drum dork Terry Bozzio still insisted on using a double bass drum set up to play a shitty cover of “Green Onions” in that bar scene, huh? And he kept the custom BOZZIO drum heads, which is just too funny. That means in the universe of this movie Bozzio and Jeff Beck clearly never became famous and ended up just being the backing musicians for a crummy cover band in middle of nowhere New Mexico. Actually, that sounds more plausible to me than reality. Maybe Twins isn’t as far fetched as the marketing wants us to think.

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