Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero ★★★★½

The cameo appearances of Catherine Trammel and a digitzed Humphrey Bogart in the police station scenes of Jack Slater IV imply that all films (or at least more than one) exist within the same universe. Extrapolating from that premise come a lot of fun ideas; of course the obvious is that there are at least several Schwarzeneggers running around L.A. at any given time—seeing the cop that is assimilated by the T-1000 implies that there is at least a Terminator walking around—all unaware of each other’s existences, although perhaps they cross one another’s paths regularly and think nothing of the resemblance. But for all of the paradoxes and possibilities, my train of thought lingers longingly at the prospect of Detective Lieutenant Frank Drebin of Police Squad walking around somewhere just off camera.

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