Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou ★★★★½

Pierrot le fou- 4.5/5

The magic of life along with the hardships and necessities of life collide in Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘’Pierrot le Fou’’ in which he spell-bounds us with the carefree manner at which the protagonists live their lovely life as well as showcasing the beauty of life itself with some darkness which sheds the light of it at times.

Jean-Luc Godard absolutely embezzles us with some enchanting visuals mixed with some scrumptious music to top of this wonderful film which also has an fascinating part to it. The quirky chemistry of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina justify this spectacular journey of these two in love, but they have to commit some crimes to make a living and are always on the run which takes us through some beautiful scenarios as well as some humorously dark parts where they find their willingness to live this majestic life together, and Godard invites us to enjoy the sheer beauty of life with him in an incredible journey.

Jean- Luc Godard’s ‘’Pierrot le Fou’’ is a wonderful presentation of how two ‘’criminals’’ and lovers are on the run after committing some crimes and progress their love in the outskirts of France. It starts off by presenting Ferdinand Griffon( Jean-Paul Belmondo) who is bored of his society and all the things surrounding him. A poetic character, he meets Marianne( Anna Karina) and falls in love with her. But when she commits a crime by killing a mafia, they both are on the run with some money and a car and decide to go off to the seaside. They steal cars from others and finally manage to develop a staying place in the sea-side. Staying there for sometime, Ferdinand( or Pierrot) is on the ambition on writing a novel and orders loads of books from Marianne who is bored of this life and wants to ‘’live’’ life.

They finally manage to get out of there by reaping out some money some money from the tourists who also stay close by, and finally land up at a place where Marianne’s relative lives. But when Marianne is threatened by some hit-men, she escapes out of the house and Ferdinand Is left to suffer. After giving in to the hit-men, he tries to commit suicide but does not, and manages to get a work at the dock. Marianne comes back to him, and gives out a plan to steal some money from the hit-men and successfully they manage to do it. Now, they must decide on where to take their topsy-turvy relationship and things start to go haywire.

The quirky yet entertaining chemistry of Belmondo and Karina are the real vocal point of this film and they’re journey where they give away some humorous dialogues and go through a topsy-turvy relationship really brought out their inner acting talent and in course made way for two brilliant performances. Anna Karina yet again showcased her charm and grace along with some glimpses of her dark side in this unusual performance of a girl who’s quite like the anti-social Belmondo, but loves to live her life and again in a charming manner Karina swept away some scenes superbly. Jean-Paul Belmondo also provided for a really anti-social, artistic performance of a budding poet with all faith of humanity gone, as he runs away with Marianne in search of love and peace and Belmondo with his quirky attitude provided for some real fun in their chemistry.

‘’Pierrot Le Fou’’ may well be the most alluring, musically endearing and stylistic film made by Jean-Luc Godard who in a masterful manner showcases his impeccable presentational skills by keeping every element to this film and showcasing it in a really stylistic manner. Be it some crude humor deployed at all times, some superb chemistry of his duo which included some enjoyable moments as well as some thought-provoking ones, Godard made sure to have put his own style to the film as well as showcasing an exciting, fast-paced on the run story of these two ‘’lovers’’ mixed with some entertaining action-scenes and good humor and music deployed in the film as well. He also wrote the script for this one for which he is considered as one of the auteurs of film-making, and this intriguing script which on one hand showcases the magic of life and on the other hand shows how the neccesities of life bring upon darkness upon human beings, and with some captivating dialogues this script was incredibly presented on screen by Godard and given full justice. He sought out to reap out the most of his cast and crew, and benefitting from some amazing cinematography by Raoul Coutard which resulted in some breathtaking scenes, some enchanting music from Antoine Duhamel and some impeccable art-direction, costume design from the crew to make the film quite modern and the color aspect to the film also made it quite modern which Godard specializes in portraying.

Jean-Luc Godard through his ‘’Pierrot le Fou’’ added some laughs to a boiling story which could erupt at any moment, and by presenting the majestic beauty of our surroundings and the wonder of life itself along with some dark necessities which may or may not hamper the true magic of life and Godard yet again gave a vision on how the light of life can be embraced.