• Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    Captain Marvel is quite the Kickass, entertaining addition to the MCU. Pretty good action scenes and VFX to show Marvel's "strongest superhero". Despite overstretching on the humour a tad bit too much, it keeps thing pretty thrilling. Probably one of the best solo superhero films of the MCU and a great prelude to Endgame.

    PS: That kitty can defeat Thanos by itself 😂

  • At Eternity's Gate

    At Eternity's Gate


    William Defoe gives an exceptionally haunting portrayal of a mastermind at the peak of his powers, but also at the end of his sanity. Defoe's shows his craziness, vulnerability, beauty and emotions brilliantly and never tries to overreact in any manner. Julian Schnabel provides an engrossing drama which is not only a deep character-study on this misunderstood genius, but also a stern look at this gloomy period.

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Well, Yorgos Lanthimos never disappoints! Taking a slightly different route to his two earlier masterpieces, he produces this dark satire which shows the best and worst in human nature. He amazing shifts the weight of the onscreen war(s) and changes the mood of the film effortlessly. A perfectly humane story which shows the twisted nature of relationships very well. The performances uplift the film's complexion and while Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz are fantastic in supporting Olivia Colman, it's the…

  • Suspiria



    A creepy, unnerving look into a dark tale. Luca Guadagnino orchestrates the film superbly and displays the disturbing elements to it in a discomforting manner. He presents a visceral tale which is both surreal yet terrifying at the same. Tilda Swinton is masterful as ever, while Dakota Johnson displays her character in a very good manner as well.

  • A Private War

    A Private War


    A Private War- 4.5/5

    Rosamund Pike's tour de force headlines this hard-hitting look at a war correspondent's journey and the horrors she had to endure throughout it. Pike embodies this brave, emphatic and tireless person really well and the film balances itself well into showing the tolls covering wars can have on a reporter. Matthew Heineman does a great job in immersing reality into the film, making it an emotional, disturbing look at the dark side of war.

  • Widows



    Widows- 4.5/5

    Take a bow, Steve McQueen! What a complete, engrossing thriller this is. The sensational way in which he parallelly shows all the aspects of the story, while making for some amazing character-study helps to get properly immersed into the film. An extremely clever, stylish heist film which definitely feels more organic than the other. Brilliant performances from the ensemble cast, led wonderfully by Viola Davis. Definitely one of my favourites of the year!

    PS: Daniel Kaluuya is SO…

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    Well, when you have two actors like Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali at their peak, you can't really do wrong. A funny, emotional ride which poignantly touches upon racism and shows this unique bond in a heartwarming manner. Mortensen does his bet Robert de Niro impresses and provides an entertaining act, while Ali proves how he's capable of perfecting just about anything!

  • The Old Man & the Gun

    The Old Man & the Gun


    Well, what a way for Robert Redford to bow out from cinema! David Lowery's latest is an entertaining, albeit comical look at this unique real-life personality and his fascinating story. Everything about Redford is infectious in this film. Be it his smile, his unlimited swagger or emotions. Casey Affleck and Sissy Spacek give strong performances as well and Lowery shows this unconventional tale in a truly engaging, wonderful manner. Redford bows out with grace and proves how much of a charismatic actor he really was.

  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


    So the latest Black Mirror film/event is absolutely bonkers/ revolutionary in its own right. It's absolutely brilliant how the whole thing is set-up, from making the choices at how the story moves into getting immersed into the protagonist and his tale. Like any BM event, this is also very creepy and disturbing in its own right. The performances are great and the way you get attached to the scenario makes it even more amazing. Kudos to Charlie Brooker/Netflix for collaborating into making this happen!

    PS: *Mild Spoilers*. But in the end, you realize that there's only one true villain in this. You yourself!

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse is absolutely brilliant. It's a delightful treat for any comic book/superhero movie lover. The animation is stunning and the film's pace, exhilarating actions makes it fantastic. The comic-like aspect and real emotions into it make it arguably the best Spiderman film in recent times. This needs to turn into a cinematic universe! Phil Lord is really a treasure.

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    Well, who knew Bradley Cooper had it in him to make such a compelling, emotional musical-drama? The way he shows the polarizing careers of these two artists is excellent and gets you really emotionally-invested into the film. The lead performances from Cooper and Lady Gaga are absolutely fantastic, with Gaga giving an especially touching act. Some great songs in it as well make it even better.

  • Shoplifters



    Hirokazu Koreeda proves once again why he's the master of humane movies. The humane part of Shoplifters is what makes it so wonderful. It's a film which garners all kinds of emotions from you but leaves you utterly heart-broken in the end. The performances are absolutely perfect as the ensemble cast does a great job in displaying the poverty-struck, sad state of this family. The film has its bittersweet moments, shows the cruel nature of humanity and this quirky family…