The Hating Game

The Hating Game ★½

What is one to do after spending an hour and 45 minutes watching a romance film based on one of their least favorite romance novels, tapping their little toes in hopes of a passionate sex scene that would redeem the horrendous acting and mediocre appearance of the love interest? Why, they write a review on Letterboxd, of course! It's the only logical option!

Actually though, this was terrible. It had its redeeming qualities, sure, but now that I say that, all possible examples have been wiped from my mind. Doctor Strange has cast a spell on me that made me forget any positive feelings I felt for The Hating Game! What I want to hit first is the script. Using a carbon copy of the book's dialogue was nowhere near a good decision. Besides the fact that Sally Thorne (author of the book this is based on) has never had a human interaction in her entire life, the conversation somehow translates worse on the screen. How is that possible? I will give it to Lucy Hale, mama was working as hard as she could with the ass poop fart that was the writing. But whoever played Joshua.... was lacking. Majorly. As the chat was saying, substitute him with any other actor, and he would have done better. But alas this is what we were left with.

Lucy and Joshua had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. They didn't even have what is the supposed opposition of chemistry: hatred. Man, that's what the book was all about, and at the very least, the book was able to communicate that. What our producers neglected to do was highlight the very point of the plot: they were competing for the same job. Goddamn. We just jumped to the kisses. With no rhyme or reason. Yeah, kissing is all fine and good, but it simply does not hit the same unless there is an established relationship between the characters, which there was NOT.

What is most upsetting about the intimate scenes is that the MOST IMPORTANT intimate scene in the book (the sex dude) WAS NOT EVEN THERE. It's an R movie. Show it. Do it. Cowards. You all are cowards. That was what I was waiting for, and I hate you all.

Side note on Lucy's character: they shoulda just gave her blue eye contacts so the walls would be blue. Where is the care for literary accuracy? A disgrace. And I don't even have to say a word about the Smurf fanfiction.

I have more to say, but this is long enough as it is. It gets 1.5 stars because I was still only slightly entertained. I would like to leave you by saying Danny solos. Danny wore a Spider-Man suit to No Way Home. Danny has read all of the Dune books. Danny goes to ComicCon every year and cosplays as Captain Marvel because he supports women. I am a Danny kinnie. Stan Danny until the day you die.

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