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  • Ordinary People

    Ordinary People


    "A little advice about feelings kiddo; don't expect it always to tickle."

    When I suggested that I may have suicidal thoughts, in those moments, I was both the most selfish person in the world and the most selfless. While I believed I'd be missed and make some angry for what I'd do, I also felt like I was lifting the burden off all those shoulders. I didn't doubt I was loved or cared for, but at that moment it just…

  • Dominion



    From beasts we scorn as soulless,
    In forest, field, and den,
    The cry goes up to witness
    The soullessness of men.

    Dominion is the ultra-vegan animal liberation documentary that is raging through parts of the Internet by storm -- largely because you can watch it online right now. But please, understand what you're in for.

    It doesn't take long, in watching the film, to see why. I counted about 4 minutes of nice footage of farm animals, pets, and serene…

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  • Finding Your Feet

    Finding Your Feet


    ”How can a couple not have music in their lives? I mean the pressure on conversation must be insane.”

    Last year's winner of the Audience Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Finding Your Feet is British melodrama at its best -- that is to say, sharp in its comedy but pointed in its heartfelt moments and dramatic flair. Does that mean it's for everyone? Oh no, it's very British, with middle-to-late-aged white actors (who are supremely talented), and…

  • Smallfoot



    ”This is so not nothingness! This is somethingness.”

    I was so excited when I thought this film was going to lean hard into its covert atheist message. Don't believe old texts! Find evidence for yourself! Search for real knowledge and not silly stories! Alas… it's just a cartoon about trusting yourself and finding common ground with those different from you. Damn.

    Smallfoot is sweet and cute but that's about all, and even though your little ones will love it there…

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  • Ikiru



    ”No, not if we set our minds to it.“

    I had some similar thoughts to this film as I did watching Ordinary People last year, thinking of my own life and what it means, and the hopelessness one can have at times depending on one's own outlook. I'll be thinking about this movie for a long time.

    It's the fourth and the final of my Secret Santa gifts from my friend Mr_Macaroon. Thanks so much, man, you're so thoughtful. I…

  • Roma



    ”No matter what they tell you, women... We are always alone.”

    The fact that this may very well be the last week that Roma can be enjoyed on the big screen is a travesty. Maybe I should feel fortunate that I'm getting the opportunity to even see it at all, as I'm proudly not a Netflix subscriber and would have no other way if not for taking the drive to Philly this afternoon.

    With that said, Alfonso Cuarón is an…