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  • The Human Condition

    The Human Condition


    "Michiko, forgive me. I've come as far as I can. Michiko, look. I've come this far."

    Looking at the entire film in full, after watching the three (or six? depends on who you ask) parts over this past weekend, I can't say it's the perfect masterpiece some profess, but it's damn close. There are some clunky parts in the middle portions, some over-acting (or just bad acting) by a few minor characters, and of course the length is just exhausting.…

  • The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer

    The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer


    "The country you were taught to know will be dead, and that's how it should be. We've been struggling to survive, to see if a country can take its place where men are free."

    Part III of the epic trilogy, and the most harrowing and emotionally exhausting, Kaji has his most difficult internal conflict of the 9+ hour film: when to value his life over others.

    Whereas previously it seems like the pacifism and egalitarian ideals of our protagonist would…

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  • Moonlight



    Mulholland Drive, There Will Be Blood, Mad Max: Fury Road, A Separation... and probably this film are five of the best if not the best of this century. I'm sure there are others close, and others too hard to rank, and others that are unfair to use as comparing points... but this is right up there with one of the most beautiful and perfect films made in many years.

    Isn't it special when the best film of the year actually wins the Oscar for best picture? Took me too long to finally watch it, but it's never too late to catch a masterpiece.

  • The Lady Vanishes

    The Lady Vanishes


    This is so freaking fun. Eighty years after release it's still fresh and clever, definitely one of the funniest Hitchcock films. It takes a minute to get going, and that first act is a little meandering, but it quickly dives into action with wit and charm. The less you know about the plot, the better. Hitchcock has certainly made better movies, but this is as crowd-pleasing as any.