Blindspotting ★★★★

"You are now a convicted felon. You are that until proven otherwise."

It took this movie about 30 seconds to show a Whole Foods. Perfect.

A love letter to Oak-town, a treatise on gentrification and criminal justice, and at times a really funny goddamn film that was as enjoyable as it was meaningful.

Having been in jail, and probation (though fortunately not a halfway house), I found there was SO much to relate to here. Having to stay out of trouble. Finding a job, place to live. The constant fear of fuckin cops.

Blindspotting is a tragicomedy, ultimately driven by change and misunderstanding, reaction and overreaction. Whereas Sorry to Bother You was a brilliant piece of social magical realism, this stays grounded in reality and could very well be ripped from various headlines.

That ending tho. Shit.

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