Knives Out

Knives Out β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

🍩"My house. My rules. My coffee."🍩

Hi friends! I'm back after a few days away from the theatre, but Mom and Dad are still with me today. So this will be, I believe, the first movie I've seen twice this year.

It turns out that the marketing campaign was right: it is a perfect family holiday film!

I said it all in my first review a month ago, for the most part. I'm still not a full believer in Ana de Armas as a real actor. She's fine. A hundred other far better women could have or should have had this role. Yeah she's pretty and has eyes as big as donut holes (see what I did there), but half of you only like her because you saw her naked in Blade Runner 2049. Good for her for scoring a great role with a script that made her shine, but let's cool it with any awards nonsense.

The real star is the Oscar-worthy script, and I'll stand by it as one of the best original screenplays of the year. A lot of fun to see again to watch for the sneaky foreshadowing, which is just everywhere in the first 20 minutes. A really good time had by all.

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