Demons 2

Demons 2 ★★★

1986 | Italian Horror

"Demoni 2 ... L'incubo ritorna" is basically the first film again, but in a different setting. But neither that nor the rather weak acting or anything like that bothered me, because the film definitely has other strengths. The soundtrack is great again and the film looks good, but what I liked best were the great practical effects. The demon design is great again and the gore and kills look really great. There is a scene that was almost a bit "Gremlins" -esque in which you get to see a great creature that is a lot of fun. The part of the film in the underground garage is also very entertaining and the film gets a lot better in its second half.

What I found a bit strange was the storyline about Jacob or the small part that took place outside the building, because it had no real connection to the rest of the plot and was not really important for the film.

Otherwise, "Demoni 2 ... L'incubo ritorna" is a really entertaining film that can definitely keep up with its predecessor and shines again due to its great practical effects.

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