Inferno ★★★½

1980 | Dario Argento | Italian Horror

Yes! Finally! All good things come in five, right? "Inferno" is now my fifth Argento and I can finally say that I really like one of his films. In my opinion, the film does pretty much everything better than the other Argento films I've seen so far.

Visually, this is by far the most beautiful film, even more beautiful than "Suspiria". The use of colors and lights is perfected here and makes the film an visual masterpiece. The colors are truly beautiful. I also like the music here a lot more than in his other films, in which the music was always good, but here it was extraordinarily good. The film definitely has better audiovisual quality. I also really liked the kills. All of them have a good built-up, are creative, brutal and, as far as the effects are concerned, very good again. Also as far as the atmosphere is concerned, "Inferno" was able to convince me more and the film managed to build up a mystery better.

The problem with the film is probably the lack of plots and the associated lack of structure, which is particularly noticeable in the middle section because the film is a little lost there, but in the last 20 minutes the film really picks up again and is a lot of fun.

For me, "Inferno" is Dario Argento's best film, which could perhaps also be due to the fact that Mario Bava directed parts of the film and also took on many other tasks because Argento was bedridden. Still a great film.

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