Opera ★★½


"Opera" is my first film in 2021 and at the same time my first film by genre legend Dario Argento. I had rather high expectations, which unfortunately were not met.

The film starts off pretty strong but gets weaker and weaker, even though the film is great in terms of staging. Cinematography, music and Argento's direction are really good and the film has some great ideas such as the kill through the eye and the needles in front of the eye. The kills are all really good and violent and I also really liked the effects. I liked that the film now and then incorporates meta elements, but the story didn't convince me and there was never any real tension or atmosphere.

Unfortunately, I didn't like either the protagonist or the killer. The killer was simply said too lame regarding his motivation, even if his design is quite good and the protagonist Betty sometimes annoyed me very much, which is especially due to the fact that, in my opinion, she often behaves totally stupid.

So in the end the film is only okay for me, but it won't stop me from watching other Argento films.

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