Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★

Pop cinema gone avant garde. One could easily disregard this as trashy, but I found it too credible and studied to think such. I thought this was a slight step down from Retribution in some ways, and a step up in others. I applaud Paul Anderson for challenging himself with the experimental editing style and relying less on static shots. Somehow the jaggedness of the cuts end up circling back around to being wonderfully swift - and the sense of geography was hardly lost, which is a hard feat to achieve. Doobie White certainly is a master editor and I'm so hyped for his future team up with Anderson for Monster Hunter 2020. Just like these Resident Evil films, I'm sure gamer dorks will lambast it, but for aesthetes it will be (correctly) considered god tier.

I wish to become a part of a Trinity of Bitches, united by thinking these movies are good.

P.S. - Paul and Milla = 21st century Godard and Karina

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