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  • Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart


    I haven't had this refreshing film after a film since I rewatched Inherent Vice last year when news where showing nothing but shit. It's like feeling cold or otherwise dirty and going to warm sauna after a hard day and then coming out, taking something to drink and feel like world makes sense even if it is only for few seconds until it starts to wear off. This is for me the only way to describe Wild at Heart -…

  • Nomad



    It's just so absurd feeling to listen all day long the terrifying news from ignorance towards creeping climate change that decides the fate of humanity and wonder about one's mortality and then stumble upon a film that's been on your watch list for years and simply stare at it in awe. Nomad is a revelation, absurd and hard to put into words, but so goddamn beautiful. At points it is pure cinematic bliss and aesthetic pleasure, at points a single…

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  • Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

    Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again


    I think it's more coherent than the first part and its energy is more precisely channeled - even the song starters don't feel awkward anymore after the very first number!

    Life is undoubtedly sad but thankfully one has the possibility to keep on running (even if it's somewhat in circles) to find the things that matter. This journey might take us through dark waters but there should be something there in the end. Instead of telling us only one "story"…

  • Darkness Illuminated by Silver

    Darkness Illuminated by Silver


    Small masterpiece that completely broke me with its emotion and intimacy; it feels kind of Utopian cinema by which I mean cinema that will exist once there is no need for cinema to cling to the "worldly" expression, completely spiritual cinema. And many would argue such films exist especially in the experimental side of things but to me it means even more than simply abandoning traditional means of expression. I'm not going into any details because I don't have much,…

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  • A Moment of Innocence

    A Moment of Innocence


    After watching this film, I realized I'm never going to be film critic or scholar. This beautiful feeling that I'm feeling cannot be put to words. I've realized that the greatest films are something about what you can write and write, try to open them and their beauty, try to ease your burden and wonderment but you simply can't put them to words. I've loved film theory but after a film like this, I can't help but to pretty much…

  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    Here's a film that has an ability to crush like Salo or 120 Days of Sodom or something Haneke would do or even the darkest works of Fassbinder. But when I compare to those greats, I cannot compare it to them on any other level (perhaps I could but I'm not going to force it) except that they all crush you, shape your views on the world, make you hate the world, make you even hate the film you are…