Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

Out of every science fiction film ever made, Blade Runner probably surpasses every one of them in the atmosphere. This is nightmare from which Inception has probably borrowed more elements than the ones it is usually compared to. The world is so dark and neon-lights are so cold. In the spirit of noir, most of the time it rains (probably Fincher also borrowed elements from Blade Runner when making Se7en) and people are almost anonymous as is the city. Indeed we never really get to know anything about the main characters either - every one of them is similar mystery. But instead of using dialogue to tell about the characters, it seems that their personality lies in their eyes. The film is full of hints towards eyes from the "Voight-Kampff" test to very expressive monologue of Roy Batty and Deckard's reaction to it (twice he blinks his eyes). This anonymity makes also everything more neutral, the main characters ("good" or "bad" - this kind of breakdown can't really be made) are almost equal. This is the only choice considering the subject in which's center are the very human themes. It's oppressive but somehow at points it reaches to indescribable beauty.

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