In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

Seeing In the Mood for Love on the big screen from 35 mm copy blew my mind. Similar effect has so far had Bunuel's L'age d'or which I simply can't watch anymore from DvD or Blu-ray because the experience with it when seen from the film is just too magical and I'd have to be disappointed when DvD or Blu-ray can't reach the same impact... I'm sorry if I feel elitist or something like that but it was just too mind-blowing and emotional experience, something that I'm unlikely to encounter from films made today. I'm sorry but digital projection just doesn't move me at all. The image is flat and magic seems to have disappeared. Long time I was defender of digital as an option but when I compare it to the films shot in film, it just can't reach the same level... but there are exceptions, I admit that now that I remember my experiences with Her and Norte, the End of History. But I've witnessed how first the image is something extremely beautiful because of light and then in another film the image dies because it's flat from all the digital poking. I'm sorry but I just needed to open up!

This was my fifth time watching In the Mood for Love but I still can't seem to find the right words to describe it. I won't run out of words but somehow outlining doesn't work. I can't put them into order. I feel that even though I try to look it rationally from technical points of views, its emotions take me so strongly and I end up just feeling something overwhelming... The rhythm of the camera, images and music, harmony of colors, low-key acting full of nuances, emotions that burst my heart out... Somehow In the Mood for Love manages to do everything film needs to do. In my eyes its perfect film and I just doesn't understand how anyone can create something like this... I'm baffled once again but this time more powerfully than ever before. When the first credits rolled to the screen, I had already goose-bumps and they lasted almost through the film. When "Yumeji's theme" filled the theater, I burst into tears. I just couldn't help myself. "This is Cinema", I thought to myself. This is what I live for... Now I understand why so many people love Cinema and most of all why they love this film. I just can't write anything rational... I'm intoxicated once again...

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