Nomad ★★★★★

It's just so absurd feeling to listen all day long the terrifying news from ignorance towards creeping climate change that decides the fate of humanity and wonder about one's mortality and then stumble upon a film that's been on your watch list for years and simply stare at it in awe. Nomad is a revelation, absurd and hard to put into words, but so goddamn beautiful. At points it is pure cinematic bliss and aesthetic pleasure, at points a single image loaded with meaning brings tears to your eyes (there's short shot at the Nomad ship where we see sea through small and round boat window), at points it penetrates into relationships that feel intimate, close and real despite being more like impossible occurrences (as if sometimes life is more beautiful than you could ever imagine), at points the laughter of this wondering youth becomes the laughter of the world and against it... and at points I stopped for a while to wonder dear Leslie Cheung and his portion, it feels almost too cruel how beautiful and innocent he is here. Nothing really lasts, yeah, but for a moment you can feel incredible warmth and in those moments there is a whole world.

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