Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★

Everything that is difficult in life... At first I thought that the real treat would only be in the action sequences (and it mostly is) but by the end the picture shapes into deeply human meditation of the contemporary state of the whole species. Might sound that I'm exaggerating but I don't feel that way myself, the center of the film is identity in a crumbling world. Holding onto one's identity is crucial factor to the survival in a world that has stopped making sense a long time ago. And I feel that it truly reflects what we go through today - in a world where we are so strongly connected the whole time, the belief in our identity is more compromised than ever. We see only parts of people's lives but to us they feel like the whole truth: we must constantly "face" people who are more talented than us, more beautiful than us, richer than us etc. We live in constant fear of realizing that we are just cheaper and lesser copies of these people who we don't even really know. But The Final Chapter offers hope; we can change, we can become something. We can curse those who created us to this miserable world or we can do our best to change everything for the better. Alice accepts (has accepted) the condition she sees and the whole ferocious, tightly paced ride is just a reflection of this desperate attempt to accept one's fate or find it. Perhaps all this action is a reason to stay sane, all these dangers Alice faces could actually be less intimidating than facing oneself. But she comes through. She must. We must too.

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