Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★½

Human beings can always rebuild but trust lost is world lost. Nothing does justice to this film but watching it and only way to watch it is to understand the artificiality of modern human being and their environment. We have seen countless films from 2000s that do not hide their artificiality but at the same time try to make us believe that we should trust them as representations of "reality". Perhaps there's huge distance to accepting the world of this film because it doesn't try to trick you. Many things are erased like linearity, detailed psychological character development, realistic language, sense of accomplishment for the audience to get to the goal... Many things that so many films pretend they can achieve and then in fact they do not. Because let's face it, how often films indeed get to "the point" by following set of rules? Open endings my ass, we need open films!

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