Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★★

1st time seeing Cannes cut

It's incredibly stupid for the first twenty minutes or so, then it becomes fascinatingly indescribable and unreal, then its network-like form becomes nightmarish and just really sad, and towards the end all sense of time disappears and it becomes one wholesome vision of destruction. It doesn't really make sense if you want to solve it and it seems to have many ideas that are just left in the air and not woven together but at the same time it feels priceless vision of surveillance state where images almost always seem to return to someone watching or listening. Its chaos cannot be understood on the level of script (that is in the end only small fragment of the total vision Kelly had in mind) but by closely observing its cinematic qualities. It's a challenge even for those who love it and should try to reason and defend it to those who are still not ready for narrative film to embrace such an extreme form.

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