Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

My dear lord, this is too much! I'm overwhelmed with emotions that range from dark to relief, there is something indescribably terrifying in this world and yet the beauty seems to protect us from it and what I mean with beauty in this case is the little things that make our everyday life; somebody's closeness, an apology, sounds of music, weird anecdotes, laughter... Lynch definitely belongs among the filmmakers to whom everyday poetry seems to be the salt of their work, at least that is the case with Twin Peaks - something as little as cup of coffee is beauty to Lynch and with these things we can be sure that evil cannot triumph over us. I think that this is one of the reasons why when Lynch talks about love or goodness, the message behind them is never too naive or flat like with most artists who try to define "the big reason" for this all.

I'm surprised how low profile this film has had before Twin Peaks: The Return reminded us again why Lynch matters - and definitely how awfully it has been rated! And why is nobody talking about Sheryl Lee's performance? It requires tremendous work to bring such admirably life to a cult character of whom everyone has their own opinions and speculations, how brave actually this role is when easily with wrong handling, the character of Laura Palmer could be even ruined. But no, here she becomes something much bigger than just this character that nobody really knows, she walks her path and raises to light, earns her rest even though it seems that she still has a mission to fulfill. This is ugly and lonely path and in the end the film becomes kind of cry out for humanity, a prayer to abused and lost souls - in this Sheryl Lee has enormous burden to carry and it feels actually as if everybody involved in this film have just become something more than themselves. Here one can truly feel the elevating purpose of art and the success that follows with humanity's greatest achievements. Definitely too much to grasp with one viewing.

In a way I feel a little bit more certain in my uncertainty myself and somehow I'm thankful for everything I have and deeply saddened for those who have not but pity doesn't really get us anywhere - after all one day we are going to find ourselves in a situation where seems that darkness surrounds us and there is no way out. But once it does, we must just try to remember that something that makes us, even if it feels like we've forgotten it for good.

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