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  • Abadaniha



    متن مفصلی در مورد این فیلم استثنایی و فراتر از مرزها و ظرفیت‌های سینمای ایران نوشته‌ام. در لینک زیر می‌توانید بخوانیدش

  • Abadaniha



    One of the greatest and the most underrated of Iranian cinema in the last 40 years.

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  • Roma


    There is nothing interesting in any level __ formally, aesthetically, thematically __ in this film. It simply cheats, and cheats in an annoying way ... why the hell should somebody think of a blockbuster, bombastic, childish version of Hou/Tarr/.../Diaz?

  • The Readhead

    The Readhead


    I liked this film regardless of its flaws. So, the rating needs some explanation. This is a film that suggests new possibilities in Iranian contemporary cinema that seems to come to a dead end. Most of the efforts by emerging young voices suggest new problems either with secondhand social realist films in the manner of Farhadi's or by completely formulistic films (such as Abed Abest's SIMULATION or Hooman Seyedi's CONFESSIONS OF MY DANGEROUS MIND). Furthermore, Shahram Mokri's highly anticipated/discussed INVASION…