Jack Reacher ★★★½

“I mean to beat you to death, and drink your blood from a boot.”

Well this was a pleasant surprise. I watched this film with no expectation at all and it actually turned out to be all right. No, quite good actually.

The storyline is a rather standard crime thriller, but the film is technically very well made. The sniper scene, both the beginning and the flashbacks, is extremely suspenseful, and the car chase is excellent. Tom Cruise is very good in the titular role and is perfectly cast in my opinion. The rest of the cast is solid and seeing Werner Herzog in the role of the villain is great fun. He may not be a good actor, but he makes up for it by being... well, Werner Herzog.

I haven‘t read any of the Jack Reacher books but 18 books have been published so far (according to Wikipedia), so a basis for a franchise is available. Based on the quality of this film, I would definitely go and see a sequel. However, I believe this film was only moderately successful at the box office, so I don‘t expect that any more Jack Reacher films will be made in the near future.

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