Valerii Ege Deshevykh

Valerii Ege Deshevykh


Ukrainian Creative Director, Motion Picture Writer, Horror Lover

Favorite films

  • Watchmen
  • Opening Night
  • War Machine
  • Reservoir Dogs

Recent activity

  • My Amityville Horror


  • Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream


  • Milo


  • Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back


Recent reviews

  • Olga



    2022 Movies #50

    Full review at Medium

    Olga is just one of the innocent people caught in the Ukraine-Russia conflict that has been going on since 2014. Even though she is far away from the events, her mind always stays on her hometown, where she was dying to escape. If the events never happened, Ukraine would have been a country she visited occasionally. However, the war raises her nationalist feelings at a young age, causing her to make decisions that…

  • Morbius


    2022 Movies #49

    "I went from dying... to feeling more alive than ever."

    Morbius is not as bad as mentioned. It's just an isolated movie. The action and visual theme are delightful. But because of this isolation, I believe, it didn't fulfill the expectations. I can't say it's too bad if you would accept it as a solo movie.

Popular reviews

  • Titane


    Totally awful.

    Characters has absolutely no motivation for their act. All decisions are made by director were unreasonable. Completely an "i did it and don't ask why" movie. Lots of mistakes, illogical scenes. Movie designed like you are an idiot. Even Hollywood blockbusters has logical storyline inside but this one is... Made by someone who thinks that you will accept every terrible, idiotic choice cuz she is trying to tell us about gender role. No. I am not accepting this…

  • Fresh


    Definitely a weird movie. It was interesting to see Sebastian Stan in such an interesting role. Even though movie didn't took me that much, it's sure will stay in my mind for many years with its style, narration and what it tries to tell. Even horror lovers will always remember this movie. Not a big hit but gonna turn to a classic.