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  • Memoria



    Jessica (Tilda Swinton) is awakened in the middle of the night by an inexplicably loud, banging thud––”a rumble from the core of the earth” as she later describes it. The premise is apparently autobiographical: Apichatpong has himself suffered from what is called exploding head syndrome, but needless to say the film has little interest in the phenomenon's medical dimension, instead using it as a starting point to pursue more esoteric ends. 

    We eventually learn that Jessica is a Scottish orchid…

  • Dangerous Game

    Dangerous Game


    My first thought was that this is Ferrara’s most Cassavetesian film, at least among those I’ve seen so far. Both the acting (especially Harvey Keitel’s Eddie Israel as he gives interviews and provides instruction on set) and the freewheeling camera work point in this direction, but Ferrara only uses this as a starting point to create something that is entirely his own. 

    As many have pointed out, Dangerous Game can be seen as a critique/deconstruction of Hollywood, both the industry…

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  • Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal


    The droning soundtrack is incredibly effective, creating an otherworldly tension. Would have been nice to see more of Pascal’s contributions to probability theory.

  • Ossos



    Social realism, certainly, but more pointedly a kind of psychological realism, recreating the world of the depressed––the slow movement & the long reaction times, the jagged "one thing after another"-ness, the difficulty doing any sort of inference or reflection, the fundamental ambiguity of it all.

    Having become a father myself seven months ago made this more harrowing and real to me.

    There are only a few scenes with laughter but they are all wonderful.

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  • From the East

    From the East


    Groups of people waiting: for buses, trains, an uncertain future—whatever it is, it never seems to arrive. On one level I assume this is about the collapse of the Soviet Union and its aftermath, but Akerman turns it into a deeply personal vision of human mystery and melancholy.

  • The Intruder

    The Intruder


    Fourth viewing I believe, for the first time in a movie theatre. Still not sure what to make of it, but here are some notes for now.

    - Quasi-mythical elements: the queen of the northern hemisphere, the (possibly, probably? imagined) culmination of the “plot” almost like a Greek tragedy, on one level a very bare-boned hero on a journey story
    - An epistemological film of sorts: disparate glimpses and glances for us to make sense of (Denis following Carnap in…