The Cold Blue ★★★

Normally I'm a sucker for these kinds of films. WWII. Recently discovered footage. 4k restoration. Voiceover by actual veterans.

I braced myself for another experience akin to They Shall Not Grow Old and Apollo 11.

Not so fast.

While the restored picture was top notch, the sound editing failed to impress. The filmmakers had an opportunity to rattle our chairs with the hum of B-17s and jolt the audience with the rat-tat-tat of .30 caliber machine guns. Alas, the sound was subdued and lackluster. Worse still were the twangy guitars and harmonicas that plagued the entire film. It harkened back to the lifeless soundtracks attached to all the bad documentaries I watched in high school history class.

Rounding out the misfires was the completely unnecessary subtitle cards that popped up every few minutes to introduce a change in topic.

It's too bad. The Cold Blue deserves to be seen, but this is a classic case of an important and interesting subject that stalls due to uninspired documentary storytelling.

Go to remember. Go to appreciate. Go to enjoy the restored visuals. Just keep in mind that the other aspects of the film never get far off the ground.

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