The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★½

People think this is satire? It's like watching a Family Guy marathon at a frat house.

It's subtle for people blasted out of their minds on coke. The movie sometimes IS coke: the highs are highs, sure --- the Lemon scene is a hoot (and Leo throws his all into the scene, the role, everything, so does most of the cast) but the lows? Painful. I was getting the shakes. I was going through Scorsese withdrawal. The come down on this movie is horrific. I got a headache in the Madden IPO scene. People who applaud that speech? It's all bravado and yelling and spitting and "fucking" in the screenplay and "more energy" from the actors. Someone might as well have screamed "you're tearing me apart, Lisa" at one point.

Remember when Ray Liotta broke the fourth wall in Goodfellas and it feels like a real revelation? This movie breaks so many fourth walls it's renovating the Trump Tower.

"It's about excess, though!" You might argue. But there's a difference between being about something and just being something.

And fuck you if you think the last couple of shots save this. After three hours, I need more than two fucking "subtle" shots to give me something to chew on, not that it's anything other than: "you buy into this system so you're a sucker too."

Yeah, I know. I've known for years. I didn't need the loudest cinematic frat party to tell me.

The whole time, I couldn't help wondering if all the people in the audience who were losing their shit over every cocaine bump knew if the characters were laughing at them, not with them. The movie doesn't, don't get me wrong. The movie deplores its characters. The movie seemingly deplores everyone. But that just sorta makes the movie kinda...deplorable.

Don't get me wrong, I laughed at times. I enjoyed sequences, performances. It's not a bad movie. It's not a good movie, either.

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