Child's Play ★★★

"This is for Tupac!"

Having only seen the original 1988 Child's Play prior to this (and when I say prior I mean prior as in last week) I neither expected much from nor had much invested in 2019's Child's Play. Given I didn't necessarily come to care much for that original despite understanding why it spurned an eternity's worth of sequels, Lars Klevberg's new take on the film is surprisingly light, funny, and creative with its protagonist even if it only moves in fits and starts. Creative in terms of re-contextualizing the doll for 2019, but still lacking in that Mark Hamill's voice work doesn't allow the character to make a bigger impression. That said, the kid here is good and Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, and David Lewis are all game for the kind of movie they're in and that makes this quick, slick 90-minutes a lot more fun than it had any right to be.