Elvis Presley: The Searcher ★★★★

41 years on from his death and Elvis Presley is still one of the biggest names in music and music history.

It's true, the man became more of an image, brand, and business than he was an actual human being-even by the time he came into my consciousness and I was born a decade after his death-"Elvis" was more of this concept than he was a man. He was this mythic kind of figure who no one would ever see in the flesh even if he had lived longer than he actually did. The Searcher breaks down that facade not only hitting the beats of Presley's rise to fame, but why this little boy from Tupelo, MS and eventually Memphis, TN wanted to become a music man for the ages as well as digging into how he navigated these uncharted waters.

"An artist like Elvis, he's actually pretending when he's home to be normal and when he goes out on stage at night is who he actually is." Damn.