Fighting with My Family ★★★

Sports movies-even WWE wrestling movies-are rarely just sports movies, but rather they are tales of the human spirit and the perseverance of the little guy or girl as they overcome the odds to win whatever game or match will solidify them as worthy to both themselves and those that have doubted them up to that point. Fighting With My Family is no different. 

 It’s a little too safe, a little too by-the-numbers, and a little too obviously condensed to cross that barrier from sweet to sweet and unique despite the endearingly original world through which this sports dramedy is conveyed, but it still works more than it doesn’t. The presence of Stephen Merchant would indicate this might be funnier than it is, but there’s such a strong balance of “rough-around-the-edges” and pure “wholesomeness” as well as a top notch cast that even when you recognize every beat it hits you can’t help but be hooked. Florence Pugh is a Star.