Love, Simon ★★★★

Universal in that it's not just about a gay teen coming out to the world, but about how scary it is to introduce yourself to the world no matter who you are while specific enough to be a *moment" unto itself.

Some really nice performances here, most notably from Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel, Katherine Langford, and Logan Miller (who won't get the recognition he deserves for what he does here), while the MVP of it all may be Ms. Albright AKA Natasha Rothwell as this high school drama teacher who does not, I repeat does not, GAF.

There's also this great idea expressed by a character (IN HIGH SCHOOL!!) that concerns not being a casual person in the sense that they're not afraid to show how much something means to them...unafraid to show how much they care. That may seem like something small, but this straight white guy wishes someone would have assured him of this when he was seventeen.